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The depth of life will dim the temptation to live for you

12 December 1979
What is there to know about me? I'm in love with the most wonderful woman in the world. I rescue and rehabilitate animals. I love fast cars, loud music, and good food. I want to travel everywhere. Action movies are the only ones to watch. I adore Japanese men. I'm a huge New England Patriots fan. I hate the Steelers and the Broncos. I don't bother with any other sport really. I love the ocean, the woods, the plains and nature in general.

I am Pagan, that's right, I'm a witch. If that's a problem for you, leave now. I'm loud most times, quiet only when I have to be. I have hated only a few people in my life and I am fiercely loyal to my friends. Anything beyond that, you're going to have to find out for yourself.

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